Very Funny Videos


Neutra Face: An Ode an a Typeface

Design Gangsta

Movie Poster Heads

Redesigning the Stop Sign

Font Conference (click for video link)


Virtually Indestructable

The maker of this video tests the durability of Esquire’s E-ink cover.

In this video, we see George Lois’ tolerance put to the test. (click for video link)

Vestiges of Days Past

Paul Rand (click for video link)

Milton Glaser (click for video link)

Josef Mueller Brockmann (click for video link)

George Lois (click for video link)

David Carson (click for video link)


Video: Inspired by Alexey Brodovitch

Movie opener for “Funny Face” by Richard Avedon


This list originally ran in the Fall, 2008 issue of FPO (mostly).