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Ten X Ten

One hundred tips in ten categories will make your magazine better. These were evaluated for three criteria: Make work easier, improve skills and save time. If you only find ten of these useful, you could save up to 30 minutes a week. That’s 25 hours a year you could spend reading the great books recommended in this issue.

Buy the Book

Every publication or studio should have a resource library to inspire, instruct and improve your skills. From classic (and indispensable) resource tools, to the best software tutorials, to an eclectic selection of inspirational sample books and artist profiles, these titles should be part of any creative’s comprehensive collection.

Revive Your Piblication with C/P/R

This conclusion of the Six Degrees series brings everything full circle—suggesting an innovative technique for evaluating the effectiveness of your publication to engage and retain your readers, while also providing direction for improving your content—to make your book a must-read.

How Inspired is Your Work(place)?

Doing great work is easier if you work in a great place. Take our quiz and see how the workflow, people, politics and management support stack up at your place—and maybe learn some new ideas for improving things around the shop.




Harvard Business Review Becomes a Real Magazine; Demi Moore—or Less?; Recycled: Colbert Everywhere?; Snark Attack: Costco Connection; [FPO]’s End-of-Print Countdown Clock; NBC Steals Antenna; Quiz #6: “Olden Daze”; Gone But Not Forgotten: Regardie’s; Reps Good for Men’s Health?; NET Scape Explorer; Meat Me in St. Louis, Magazine Bestiary

Re:Design Group Think

Designers who won’t collaborate aren’t just elitist artistes—they actually hinder creativity and tank morale.

Our position only WYGIWYD

If you aren’t learning to be better, you’re just making excuses.

Cover charge Face the Nation

Cover portraits can be a cliché. Here are suggestions for making images with real personality.

Questions For John Korpics

A designer equally adept at redesign and art direction shares some background on his most recent gig: creative director at Fortune magazine and its most recent redesign.

Re:Write Parts & Labor

Serialized stories have a long history of making readers crazy—for the next issue. Create serial articles that keep readers hungry for more.

Layout One-Two-Three

How-to’s and step-by-steps are as easy as, well, you know.

web we weave Real Typography Finally Comes to the Web

Bye-bye Arial and Times. New technology allows for real typography on your site.

writer's bloc Review Review

What makes a great review? Consistency, credibility and circumspection. Great reviewers can make or break your pub.

TYPE SET Nested Styles = Sliced Bread

The most powerful timesaver in InDesign is also the most hidden feature in the program.

re: Production Automatic Transmission

Scripts and Actions bring experts inside your programs.

image consultant Black & White in Color

Make your monochrome images dramatic and distinctive. All you need to do is avoid the gray areas.

stock market Artist Reps Don’t Bite

Getting stock from an artist representative can provide the best of both worlds.

font fount Hidden Character

There are some useful glyphs hiding in some common fonts. You just need to know where to find them.

the magazine medic Psychology Today Not Crazy After All of These Years

After nearly four decades, this title hasn’t changed its mind-set.

Launch pad Designing a “Must Keep” Publication!

Three “ships” can launch your magazine and help it keep on sailing.

by george Drowning in Fame

How Andy Warhol got in the soup.

Artist SHowcase

Featured illustrators and photographers. Go to showcase.

EndBug [FPO] Book Nook

How did we miss these titles in our review of great design books?